Gasless Lightning Rollups

Decentralization with Web2 UX for your Web3 games, casinos, and projects

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Bringing the power of verifiable trust to Web2 Casinos

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Eliminating VRF oracles for Blockchains

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Reducing gas fees and increasing throughput in Web3

Use Cases

Seamless User Experience

Seamless User Experience

Cryptographically secure communication without waiting for blocks to settle or experiencing interruptions

Verifiable Fairness

Verifiable Fairness

Players can verify the fairness of the protocol in real-time and eliminate oracles by easily inputting random, sports, and price data themselves

80%+ Gas Reduction

80%+ Gas Reduction

Users bundle transactions and achieve consensus off-chain, publishing only the final results

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Beta Partners

Ontropy Founding Team

José Betancourt

José Betancourt, CEO

José dropped out of college to build Ontropy full-time
- Yale University Economics and Game Theory Researcher
- Founder of Yale Blockchain
- Web3 Advisor and Investor

Alexander Atamanov

Alexander Atamanov, CTO

Alexander is a cryptographer with multiple exits
- Ph.D. in Cryptography
- ZK and MPC Researcher Since 2012
- CTO who oversaw 50 Engineers and 30+ software projects

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Binance Incubator

Binance Incubator
Ontropy is accepted into Binance Season 5 Incubator